Livin’ the Lockdown Life

The days are blending into weeks... and the weeks merging into months. It's beginning to feel difficult to stay motivated and maintain a sense of purpose. During the past few months, I've been trying my best to keep my mind and body occupied. I can certainly say that I've not been bored; I'm the kind … Continue reading Livin’ the Lockdown Life

Out of the box… into the run

If you read last week's post, you'll know that my three growing girls (the hens I've been raising from day-old chicks) have moved from the safe haven of the kitchen to the scary world of the garden. I'm here to document their journey from stumbling fluffballs to full-grown cluckers. Week six (just about) The girl's … Continue reading Out of the box… into the run


If you've not yet read my previous post 'Raising Spring Chicks', I'm writing a series of blog posts tracking the progress of my three baby birds. Lina, Allie and Petra are the trio of chicks I've been looking after over the past weeks. They're simultaneously adorable and mischievous, and are growing into hens at an … Continue reading Hens-in-progress

Raising Spring Chicks

We've had hens in my family garden since I was about seven. They seemed like easy, undemanding pets to look after, who would reward us with home-laid eggs on an almost-daily basis. Little did we know how much personality they have, and how much we'd grow to love these crazy creatures over the years. My … Continue reading Raising Spring Chicks

Lock-down Diary

Greetings from week three of lock-down! (or, as we prefer to call it, Social Distancing). I thought I'd change things up a bit this week and write about what I've been up to whilst cooped up at home... Baking and Cooking All this free time (and the cooking resources at home) have meant I've been … Continue reading Lock-down Diary

Finding peace in a pandemic

"Pandemic". The word sounds terrifying yet unbelievable, like something out of a dystopian film or novel. It certainly doesn't feel like something that could apply to real life. And yet, here we are. We're living through a pandemic. When I wake up on a morning, the first thing I think of isn't the pandemic. Neither … Continue reading Finding peace in a pandemic

Staying sane in self-isolation

We probably never thought that the situation would escalate to the point where we can only leave the house for necessities. Whether you're living with friends, family or partners, being trapped in the four same walls for goodness-knows-how-many-weeks is hardly a situation that screams "fun". Although you may have plenty of work to keep you … Continue reading Staying sane in self-isolation

Turning self-isolation into self-actualisation

You're trapped at home. You don't know just how long you'll be stuck within these four walls, living with either the same company for weeks on end or none at all. You can feel your sanity dwindling away, as you see more and more scary news headlines pop up each day. In these uncertain times, … Continue reading Turning self-isolation into self-actualisation

Game Review: Heavy Rain

To give you a bit of background information, before I moved to university I'd never properly "gamed" before. Yes, I'd become an expert at building mansions that would never be inhabited on the Sims 3, and whiled away hours selling fruit to buy furniture on Animal Crossing, but I couldn't exactly describe myself as a … Continue reading Game Review: Heavy Rain

What’s your writing style?

Whether it's short stories, novels, poems, scripts, non-fiction or narrative games that you have a passion for writing, there's undoubtedly a genre and a style to fit every type of writer. It can be pretty disheartening to pursue a type of writing that just doesn't fit your talents and interests. For instance, when I was … Continue reading What’s your writing style?

Inspiration running low? It’s still worth a go…

We all have those days, weeks, or even months where our creative juices just aren't flowing with the same vigour as usual. Maybe it's that you're feeling overwhelmed by the vast amount of work you have to do, that you've hit a block with your latest project or that anything you write just seems to … Continue reading Inspiration running low? It’s still worth a go…

Writer’s life: 3,2,1…Action!

Creating a short film for the first time has been quite the experience. It's had its ups and downs, and difficulties along the way, but I'm excited to say that we've managed to film it at last! Myself and my fellow team members began the day just before twelve, gathering at Edge Hill's Student's Union … Continue reading Writer’s life: 3,2,1…Action!

Writer’s life: ready for rehearsals?

When trying to arrange a rehearsal before our film date, it became extremely difficult to coordinate everybody's study schedules. Luckily, we eventually managed to pin everyone down, and it was the day before filming that our much-needed rehearsals took place... As a writer, I think that one of the most satisfying moments in life is … Continue reading Writer’s life: ready for rehearsals?

Juggling hobbies with a busy life

Five ways to fit more fun into your week. Hobbies are great for both body and mind, increasing our life satisfaction and helping us to develop as a human being. Whether it's writing, walking, playing an instrument or learning a language (to name a few of my favourites) that bring you enjoyment, it can sometimes … Continue reading Juggling hobbies with a busy life

Writin’ nine till five

Over the past five days, I have been doing a remote work placement with The Comedy Crowd. It's the first time I've ever had the experience of working nine til five, and it's been a real eye-opener into the world of work. And comedy. The Comedy Crowd are a fantastic company who help emerging comedy … Continue reading Writin’ nine till five

A winter survival guide

At last it seems that the days are getting a little longer and a bit brighter, but that still doesn't mean it's easy to get up on a morning. Having the same energy as you might during the summer months can seem impossible at times. The Spring Equinox is months away yet, and there's plenty … Continue reading A winter survival guide

Writer’s life: casting the characters

We’ve had to overcome a few obstacles along the way, but at last myself and my short film group have got our actors sourced, equipment prepared and our script ready for filming. It’s time for everything to come together… Fast forward a few months from my previous update, and we held our first auditions to … Continue reading Writer’s life: casting the characters

Merry Christmas and a caring New Year

Setting new year’s resolutions the gentle way. Have you ever managed to set yourself a new year’s resolution that you kept up for the entire year? With the pressure of not just a new year, but a new decade, upon us, you’ll most likely have already been bombarded with resolution pressure from magazines, television and … Continue reading Merry Christmas and a caring New Year

How to have a healthy Christmas

With regards to both mind and body, staying healthy over Christmas can sometimes feel like a bit of a battle. But why does it have to be so hard? Christmas should feel special, enjoyable and exciting. It shouldn’t feel like an additional pressure to an already busy life. Far too often, I think we feel … Continue reading How to have a healthy Christmas

Switch Off Sunday

I've heard the term "Switch Off Sunday" (SOS) bandied about quite a lot over the last year or so. It's the idea that you take one day out of your week, which for most people is easiest to do on a Sunday, during which you disconnect as much as possible from modern technology. However, although … Continue reading Switch Off Sunday

Intelligence: It’s all in our heads

One thing I hate above all else is intellectual snobbery. When somebody thinks they are superior because they’ve had a higher level of education, or a more privileged background, than somebody else, I think it says far more about their personality than their supposed wealth of knowledge. Let’s face it, intelligence is relative and highly … Continue reading Intelligence: It’s all in our heads

Writer’s life: crafting the script

Although we initially decided to write a dark comedy about somebody suffering with insomnia - having the thoughts in their head represented as a cast of quirky characters popping up by their bedside - this idea fell through when we couldn't find a suitable location to film at. Sourcing a bedroom large enough to fit … Continue reading Writer’s life: crafting the script

Eating for Anxiety

It’s undeniably true that physical and mental health are linked. If you constantly eat foods high in sugar and simple carbohydrates, you’re more liable to be a jittery bag of nerves, whereas if you consume a balance of the food groups, with plenty of fibre, wholegrains, vitamins and minerals, you give your body and mind … Continue reading Eating for Anxiety

October Overwhelm

Establishing a work/life balance has always been something I’ve struggled with. If know that if I do too little, I easily end up bored and restless, but if I take on too much, I get stressed and overwhelmed. Unfortunately, I ended up experiencing the latter in my first semester back at university and had to … Continue reading October Overwhelm

Happiness Project Weeks Four & Five

I’m back again at last! This time dragging my exhausted self through weeks four and five of my Happiness Project… After an extremely busy Fresher’s week, I reached the Saturday before last feeling a little like I’d been flattened by a boulder. That day, I’d travelled to Liverpool to hold a session of my writer’s … Continue reading Happiness Project Weeks Four & Five

Living the Writer’s Life: Conceiving an idea

I’ve only just had the first lecture of my ‘Writer’s life’ module, and I’m already excited to begin my group project. I’m in a group with three other people and, although there's bound to be obstacles that pop up along the way, I can see us working well together and listening to one another. Already … Continue reading Living the Writer’s Life: Conceiving an idea

Happiness Project Week Three

Continuing along with the theme of health whilst moving back to university has proved to be less challenging than I anticipated. Yes, it has definitely been easier this week due to not having lectures and assignments to work around (it’s currently fresher’s week), but fitting in my Headspace relaxation sessions around work shifts and reuniting … Continue reading Happiness Project Week Three

Digital Detox: Part Two

Thursday I’m by myself, walking along the coastal path to the north of our holiday home. It’s really refreshing and peaceful going for a walk in an unknown area, surrounded by unknown faces, with no mobile phone in sight. In fact, I don’t think I’ve spotted anyone so much as glance at theirs; this could … Continue reading Digital Detox: Part Two

Have you found your group yet?

There’s no better feeling than connecting with a group of people who understand and share your greatest passions in life. Finding people with similar interests can give you a great sense of belonging; however, tracking down these like-minded individuals can sometimes feel like an insurmountable task. Throughout my time at high school, I never really … Continue reading Have you found your group yet?

Working for the Big Read: Don’t judge a book by its cover….

….Although it can be an important factor in determining the most suitable book. On March 27th and April 17th, I had two very important trips down to London to represent Edge Hill University. Only two days prior to the first trip, I’d been chosen as “Shortlisting Assistant” – a job which entails choosing the next … Continue reading Working for the Big Read: Don’t judge a book by its cover….

‘Persepolis’, a review

The graphic novel is a form that gained popularity in the late 1970s, the same time in which Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi is set. This poignant, heart-breaking and fascinating read is an autobiographical story of Marjane’s childhood, growing up in the increasingly oppressive Iran during the Iranian Revolution and the Iran-Iraq war. Initially, it seems … Continue reading ‘Persepolis’, a review